The Squirrel and The Bird

The Squirrel and The Bird

A squirrel I saw, dance from paw to paw,
curiously amused at whatever he found.
He would jump and dive, so playful and alive,
a gentle oneness with the ground.Then a bird flew by and lit up the sky,

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The Squirrel and The Bird

Cuppa Tea


A young boy’s enthusiasm to spend time with his parents is continually disrupted by everyday life, especially the seemingly constant consumption of tea.

When he cleverly arranges a way to get their full attention, his plan doesn’t work out exactly

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Cuppa Tea

The Man With Stinky Feet

stinky-feetWhen a generous little boy offers the local barefoot character a pair of his father’s shoes, the man tries them on, only . . .

He said my heart was in the right place,
but unfortunately his feet were not.
An understanding smile grew upon my face,
there was something special I’d forgot.

The Man With Stinky Feet is a charming parable about respecting a person’s right to be who they want to be. It offers a gentle twist on the adage ‘walk a mile in another man’s shoes’.
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The Man With Stinky Feet