The Squirrel and The Bird

The Squirrel and The Bird

A squirrel I saw, dance from paw to paw,
curiously amused at whatever he found.
He would jump and dive, so playful and alive,
a gentle oneness with the ground.Then a bird flew by and lit up the sky,

so full of freedom, seeming without a care.
She soared over the seas with effortless ease,
a peaceful oneness with the air.

I imagined a way that for just one day,
we’d trade places and have a rebirth.
For one day they’d be me and I would be free,
to share their oneness with the Earth,

All their pleasures I’d find and store in my mind,
in nature’s beauty I would have played.
But then it occurred that the squirrel and the bird,
might rather just not trade.

The Squirrel and The Bird