There’s A Chocolate In My Pocket

Theres a chocolate in my pocket
Theres a chocolate in my pocket

A little girl and her rather busy father star in this charming tale of unconditional love. The story highlights the lovely innocent way in which children see the world and how their actions can inspire grown-ups to stop and smell the roses a bit more . . .

There’s A Chocolate in My Pocket

Early this morning, as I lay snoring,
my daughter shared a sweet surprise.
She hid a chocolate in my pocket,
then blew a kiss across my eyes.

As I awoke, she gently spoke
quietly excited for me to see
the lovely chocolate in my pocket
that she had hidden there for me.

But I was rushed and got all flushed
when I noticed the late hour.
I leapt from bed, patted her head
and excused myself to shower.

Yet still she waited, and anticipated
the chocolate happiness in store for me.
Calmly excited, she then invited
me to a morning cup of tea.

But I had to run, no time for fun,
yet still she offered caring eyes.
“Sometime today, when you can play,
I know you’ll find a sweet surprise”.

So off I hurried, or rather scurried
with curious thoughts of what she’d said.
Her “sweet surprise” and caring eyes
spent the day within my head.

I had yet to find, her gift so kind
slowly melting in my pocket.
Her simple token as I was woken,
a kiss and hug disguised as chocolate.

I arrived home that night, to the beautiful sight
of her face beaming at me.
“Did you find the chocolate, in your pocket?”
“Did you have it with your tea?”

But a day of meetings and polite greetings
as I had scampered throughout the land,
had left the chocolate, I now found in my pocket
fully melted in my hand.

A bit confused, but then amused
she comforted my despair.
She thought a while and still she smiled
then spoke an innocent fresh air.

“Daddy don’t you worry, I’m in no hurry,
There’s always time for you”.
“One chocolate may have melted today,
So tomorrow I’ll give you two!”

There’s A Chocolate In My Pocket