Chatty Owen

owenOwen, a born talker, and arrives in Snow Valley during the first snow of the season. From this day on he has a special place in the Mayor’s heart as well as the Winter Festival show. While this chatter box may never stop talking, his heart never stops growing either. Owen is a little boy whose love for the town is as big as his vocabulary!

Chatty Owen

Snow Valley is such a lovely little town.
It’s beautiful at sunrise and delightful at sundown.
There is a main street of shops amid houses with white picket fences,
In this charming little town is where our story commences.

As it’s name might suggest, it snows here A LOT!
How to use a snow shovel is one of the first things you’re taught.
Through Spring, Summer, and Fall the town is very inviting,
But when winter arrives here, it is extremely exciting.

At one end of town stands the clock tower and it’s steeple,
It was built many years ago by all the town’s people.
At the other end of town is the Great Theatre Hall,
Where the town holds auditions in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Everyone auditions for a place in the town’s annual show,
which is the highlight each year of the Winter Festival.
When the first floating snowflakes are seen in the air,
The name of the annual show is announced by the Mayor.

One year the first snowflakes fell much earlier than before.
on the 26th of September near the steps of the Mayor’s door.
At the very same moment that it was officially snowing,
At the hospital was born a little boy named Owen.

So while the Mayor was at the Great Theatre Hall to make his announcement,
Young Owen was expressing his own startling pronouncement.
The first sounds he uttered were not just “goo-goo” or “ga-ga”,
On the day he was born, he said, “Hi ma-ma, hi da-da”!

As you may well imagine, word quickly spread,
About the young boy named Owen and the words that he said.
The Mayor rushed right over without even naming the show,
But after chatting with Owen, he decided on “Miracles and Snow”.

The Winter Festival that year was a blockbuster success,
The Mayor played an angel and even wore a dress.
Owen had a small role as some talking mistletoe,
But everyone will tell you that he stole the show.

In the centre of the stage he floated like some rambling lovebug,
encouraging all those beneath him to “KISS KISS” and “HUG HUG”.
The crowd laughed and cheered at the new boy in town,
who carried on talking even after the final curtain came down.

And so it would continue for the young boy named Owen,
You see when he started talking, he just kept on going.
From that first day in September that Owen was born,
He talked and he chatted, and then he talked a bit more.

As he grew older, the more he kept talking.
He talked while he was sitting, or standing, or walking.
He talked all throughout his early days at school,
He even talked while under water at the community swimming pool!

He was terrible at games like hide and go seek,
The seeker never even had to sneak a small peak.
As soon as the seeker finished counting and started walking,
He would always find Owen, as he could not stop talking.

In winter, Owen always played a part in The Winter Festival.
He was talked about the most after each annual show.
He said all his lines without mistakes and on cue,
But sometimes he had a tendency to speak everyone else’s lines too!

For the most part the audience laughed whenever this occurred.
But there were some folks in town who became more and more disturbed.
They sent a letter to the Mayor, which he read word for word.
It suggested that certain children should be seen and not heard.

As the Mayor read the letter, he got the message loud and clear.
They were talking about Owen, with a tone quite severe.
And so the following winter when snow first fell from the sky
The Mayor made his announcement with a wee tear in his eye.

He proclaimed the show’s name as “The Season of Joy”
But sadly he added that there would be no auditions for one little boy.
I regretfully announce on this first day that it’s snowing
That the Winter Festival show this year will not include Owen.

Everyone thought that Owen would be very sad on that day
But he was just as happy as ever and said to the Mayor, “That’s OK!”
“I can watch everyone else and be amazed by the show!”
“I’ll cheer and clap the loudest, from a seat in the front row!”

The Mayor was so relieved that Owen stirred no hullabaloo
But it was really not that surprising to everyone Owen knew.
You see, even though he chit-chatted and talked all the time
He was friendly and gentle and so very kind.

Auditions and then rehearsals went on none the less,
with Owen encouraging everyone to do their very best.
He was always happy to help anyone practice their part,
the only thing larger that his vocabulary was the size of his heart.

The Winter Festival opened with a parade in the snow,
Then on the third day of the Festival came the annual show.
The Great Theatre Hall was glowing with a giant sky light,
as the audience took their seats on this magical night.

Just as he had hoped, Owen got a front row seat,
He clapped with excitement and tapped with his feet.
He wished everyone around him, “Happy Festival to you!”
He asked everyone if they were comfortable and had a good view.

The crowd settled in as the curtain began to rise
The scene was amazing and Owen couldn’t believe his eyes.
As you may have expected, he exclaimed each surprise
And suddenly from the audience came a few angry sighs.

A voice from the back shouted for Owen to keep quiet,
Quite a few others agreed, and the Mayor feared a riot.
At the show’s intermission the Mayor made a sad choice,
Owen was removed so that no one would be disturbed by his voice.

The Mayor escorted him towards the back of the hall,
to a room with two windows and a speaker on the wall.
He apologised to Owen about this unfortunate event,
Owen said not to worry, “I’ll be quite content!”

“This room is quite a lovely little place.”
“There’s a speaker to hear the show and loads of free space.”
“From the window in front, I can see the whole show,
And from the window in back, I can see outside to the nice snow!”

Once again the Mayor was humbled by the chatty young boy,
Owen was so full of kindness and enthusiastic joy.
Owen winked at the Mayor as he headed back to the main theatre hall,
He said “you may want to lock the door, just to be safer for all.”

They both giggled slightly and the Mayor did agree,
As for what would happen later, they did not foresee.
The Mayor locked the door after giving Owen a hug,
Owen’s caring unselfishness gave his heart-strings a tug.

The curtain rose with a WHOOSH for the show’s second half.
It opened with a snowman enjoying a nice frozen bath.
Owen laughed with delight and sang along to each song,
With Owen bothering no one, nothing could possibly go wrong.

But outside the snow was falling harder than ever before,
It had reached halfway up the Great Theatre’s main door.
Nobody had noticed, since they were all at the show,
Even the skylight out front had been covered with snow.

While spinning with laughter at the scenes of the show,
Owen caught a glimpse out of the room’s back window.
Snow now covered the window, making his view outside totally blocked
And he could not tell anyone since the room’s door had been locked!

Gigantic heaps of snow continued to fall from the sky,
And Owen’s door remained locked, no matter how hard he tried.
So while all the town’s people sat enjoying the show,
The town of Snow Valley was becoming a valley of snow.

That night in Snow Valley it snowed like never before,
Snow covered all the houses and their windows and doors.
It snowed even more with each passing hour,
Until snow finally covered the steeple of the Clock Tower.

The town’s people in the theatre were still enjoying the show
Until the final curtain fell and it was time to go.
When they all tried to leave The Great Theatre Hall
They finally became aware of the enormous snowfall.

As the door to the back room was finally unlocked,
Owen walked out to find the whole town rather shocked.
The whole crowd was clambering at the Mayor, “what can we do?”
Owen gathered his thoughts as he nudged his way through.

When he got to the Mayor he spoke not a word,
And considering Owen’s chattiness, that seems quite absurd.
Then they shared a brief hug and an understanding smile,
Owen then did what he does best and spoke for a while.

He called the town’s children to come on the stage all together
and told them a story about snow and the weather.
He made them all laugh and sing playful songs.
Soon all of the children felt that nothing was wrong.

He had all the parents hold hands with each other
And reminded them all they were sisters and brothers.
They hugged and they talked and they told family stories.
The laughter amongst them washed away all their worries.

The sound from the Great Theatre Hall was now echoing full life
And magically it was cutting through the snow like a knife.
Little by little the outside snow began a gentle thawing
From the loving warmth of the banter that Owen was causing.

Before long the snow had melted just as Owen planned
He nudged close to the Mayor and held tight to his hand.
He whispered to the Mayor, “YOU should go open the door”
The Mayor beamed with pride as he strode cross the floor.

The Mayor made no announcement as he opened wide the door
He looked back at the townspeople across the theatres’s floor
They were hugging and laughing, and singing and chatting away
Until they saw the open door and shouted “HIP HIP HOORAY!”

There was no mad rush to depart the Great Theatre Hall
In fact, at this point nobody seemed to want to leave at all.
One by one they politely made their way out to the Main Street
and gathered all together with melting snow at their feet.

They clapped and they cheered as they awaited the Mayor
Who stood rather proudly at the top of the stairs.
He paused for a moment to admire all the town’s people,
Behind them he could now see the Clock Tower steeple.

He raised his hands to acknowledge the loving warmth he could feel
The town’s people were closer than ever after this entire ordeal.
By his side stood young Owen, looking happy as ever
A small boy who was chatty, and loving, and clever.

That night on the steps of the Great Theatre hall
The Mayor broke tradition in front of one and all.
He made an announcement with tremendous acclaim
Regarding the next Winter Festival’s show name.

“I would like to make a special declaration!”
“In honor of someone for whom I have great admiration,”
“The name of next year’s Winter Festival show,”
“is OWEN, Snow Valley’s Greatest Ever HERO!”

As the snow dripped away from the giant skylight
It shined like a beacon on the star of the night.
There stood Owen just talking and chatting away
As the towns people shouted “HIP HIP HOORAY!”

Chatty Owen