I Wish I’d Meet a Unicorn

I wish I’d meet a Unicorn
and ask her why she has a horn.
Is it made of magical things
like fairy dust and dragons’ wings?

Perhaps it’s used to draw rainbows,
with colours from it’s tip that glows.
Maybe she does not really fly,
but walks on rainbows in the sky.

I’d walk on rainbows that she’d drawn
and hope to meet a Leprechaun.
His pot of gold would shimmer bright
Like comets streaking through the night.

We’d walk together holding hands
All throughout enchanted lands.
We’d climb a hill up to a ridge
Then pay a Troll to cross a bridge.

When finally we could walk no more
We’d rest upon the ocean’s shore.
I’d make his favourite toast and tea.
And he would share his gold with me.

Just when I thought my day would end,
He’d twitch his nose to call a friend.
The sea would bubble blue and green
Then out would pop a Mermaid Queen.

I’d offer her some bits of gold
To have a ride to lands untold.
We’d swim quite deep below the sea
Playing hide and seek with a Manatee.

She’d teach me how to breathe in water,
As if I were her mermaid daughter.
She’d bring me to her favourite land
Then nudge me safely on the sand.

With her tail she’d wave goodbye
I’d lay upon the beach to dry.
Then I would have a little nap.
and awaken to a “tap…tap…tap”.

I’d search to find the puzzling sound,
coming from a lamp deep in the ground.
To my surprise trapped in the lamp,
A Genie the size of a postage stamp.

I’d listen close as he cried out
“Please rub the lamp and let me out”.
I’d rub the lamp three times or more
Then from the lamp a puff would soar.

The Genie would stretch his arms and smile,
“I ‘ve been trapped in there for such a while!”
He’d say what a pleasure it was to meet me.
And reveal my reward for setting him free.

The Genie would then hold out his hand,
And say “Your wish is my command”.
Knowing exactly what I would do,
I’d pause for only a second or two.

I’d imagine that I’d have another day
Just like this one in every way.
So as I awoke the very next morn.
I would wish I’d meet a unicorn!

I Wish I’d Meet a Unicorn

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